Study in a quiet place, without distractions

Before starting a study session, it is important to find a suitable place. It must be a quiet place with few elements that can cause distractions. You should avoid studying in places with other people or animals, with television, internet access, telephones, music, etc. If space in the house is limited, a good idea is to go to the library. Special earphones or another isolation method can also be used to eliminate noise and help to concentrate the boy or girl in the study.

To help remember the concepts learned it is essential to develop routines or habits

For example, before going to school it can be helpful to organize your homework the same way every day. In the classroom it is good to remember that boys and girls with ADHD are used to interrupting or responding out of place. Professors must not take these behaviors as a disrespect, but must remember that the child is trying to learn. In any case, to avoid these problems it is recommended that the pupil write the questions or comments on a sheet of paper before putting them out and try to raise his hand before speaking voluntarily. Patience is a challenge for those with ADHD and for those who have to live with the person who suffers from it.

However, one does not suffer from ADHD only in childhood

60% of those who suffer from it in adulthood had experienced symptoms such as lack of attention, impulsiveness, irritability, intolerance and frustration before the age of 7. For adults, the most frequent ADHD-related problems are expressed in lack of concentration, decreased short-term memory capacity, lack of organization, difficulty in self-discipline, low self-esteem, mental distress, frustration or poor social skills ( for example in having a relationship and keeping a job), according to the studies of JR Valdizán and AC Izaguerri-Gracia in 2009.

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